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One major challenge that brands face is how to keep people excited about them, while still staying true to the brand.  For this project, my team and I were asked to bring new life to a mature brand by creating an intricate campaign and helping them launch a product that would build excitement for the brand.

Brands today are always looking to see how they can grow while also making a difference in the community.  The goal of this assignment was to find a way for the Beyond Meat brand to expand itself beyond traditional advertising.  We were responsible for expanding what Beyond Meat already does and develop a way that they could be more useful or beneficial for the world or a community.  Then we had to create a way to convey their messaging to consumers.


For my thesis, I was responsible for finding a client I was interested in and tasked with helping them overcome a challenge.  My client presented me with the job of finding a way to increase the film industry in Virginia and present them with a strategy that they could implement.

This assignment required that each group help develop, bring to life and launch a new entertainment form. We were tasked with creating a self-help comic book. The comic book had to be for teenage girls between the ages 13-17 years old.

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REI is an outdoor retail chain that sells a variety of gear along with offering educational classes and trips. Due to REI's diverse offerings, REI has become the nation's largest co-op. Although REI does tremendous business they have been looking for new markets to grow in. My team and I were tasked with helping REI discover how they could expand their market share among Asian American's.

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