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This page is created as a dedication to all the people that have helped Cody throughout his life. On this page, it will talk a little about Cody and the struggles he faced but through dedication and support, it has made him the person he is today.  This page merely serves a purpose as a thank you section to those people.

When Cody was growing up he suffered from dyslexia.  Although steps were taken to help him overcome it there was still a concern that he may struggle with it his whole life.  Cody's mother made sure that wouldn't be the case so she spent countless hours helping him learn as well as making sure he was getting the support he needed in and out of school.  She researched the right education he would need as well as devised creative ways to help him understand the material he was being taught.  Thanks to his mother's relentless support and dedication it helped Cody overcome his learning disability and showed him that if he puts his mind to it he can overcome anything.  Her support has also helped Cody to be where he is today.

Cody would also like to thank all of his teachers throughout his years that stuck with him helping him overcome dyslexia and challenged him to push himself and keep learning.

Special Thanks

Cody would also like to give a special thank you to his brother-in-law Brian Turner for all of his help and guidance.  When Cody was researching where to attend his undergraduate Brian recommended that Cody look at VCU and thanks to that recommendation it has helped bring Cody to where he is today.  Cody would also like to thank Brian for his help with designing and programming this website.

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