About Me

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Master's Graduate: Creative Brand Management

Hello, I am Cody Colvin a master's graduate at Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter, with a Masters of Science in Creative Brand Management. I have always had an interest in business and understanding customer's feelings towards a certain product. My long-running interest in business and marketing started when I was in high school and has continued throughout my professional career. During my two years pursuing my Master's Degree I have worked on my projects and with many clients, helping to hone branding skills.


After I received my undergraduate degree I started working as a Management Trainee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. While at Enterprise I was responsible for different aspects of the business, such as keeping finances up to date, managing and training our service works, ensuring proper customer satisfaction and marketing our business and services to both businesses and customers. During my time at Enterprise, I was able to sharpen my business acumen by learning things like, how to manage the logistics of a company, how to lead a team, how to grow sales and how to successfully manage a business. 


My time at Enterprise taught me a lot and has helped provide me with another layer to my thinking. Due to my time at Enterprise, I approach a problem differently than most people. I not only consider what solution would work for a customer but I also think about how the solution will also serve a business. As a result of both my experience from Enterprise and my teachings from the Brandcenter, I am able to see a problem from all angles and find a solution that serves both the customer and the brand. I combine both strategy and creativity with my business acumen to help me solve any problem that is thrown at me.